The world is changing towards digital studies and learning, keeping in consideration picstle is created to improve productivity and learning focus of students. By downloading picstle the free Digital notes Arrangement app on your Android phone or tablet you can effortlessly arrange or sort notes for specific subjects.

Key Features Include –
• Pictsle lets you sort your notes images for a specific subject so you can find them easily.

• Import Multiple image notes with a specific subject to get image notes arranged for a subject.

• Picstle lets us list out the useful links with the specific title which makes easy to find and use for study purpose.


Install Pictsle app for unique benefits

Simply download the Android Digital notes Arrangement app on your device (phone or tablet) and Enter the subject name which notes you want to sort and click on the ADD button. Now you can see the subject Drawer created on the Home screen.

• Now click on subject Drawer and you will enter into the specific subject where you can add your notes.
• Click on the Plus “+” button shown bottom of the screen.
• This will open your photos from where you can select the image notes which belong to that particular subject.
• You can select one or multiple images.
• Now click on “Select” to add their images to the app.
• Your selected images will be shown in the image list for you.

Link Saving: –

You can save the links shared with you for any topic which you wish to read for your studies.

• Go to the Link section
• Click on Add button
• Now you can see two Field “Link title” and “past link”.
• You can give the title to the link you are saving for your reference purpose.
• Now simply paste the link and click on add.
• Your link is added into the links section which you can view, share with others,s and also delete if you want to delete.


In addition to basic permissions, the Pictsle app needs access to few other functions on your device for it to support the above features –

• Device and App History: To detect critical crashes and recover the app state
• Network access to open links you saved.
• Storage Access to import images.

Download Pictsle app now and start building the habit of productive learning.